The Preacher's Daughters: Wild Chaote by Sheri Gilmore

Loose Id

Witch Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-425-1

Reviewed by Willow



Rebecca Chappell is the sensible sister. She doesnít believe in magic like her sisters. It canít possibly hurt to do a spell for a boyfriend, especially since there is no way it will work. Being drunk gives her the courage to ask for a man who hears her need and know her loneliness. Itís not real after all.

Three days after Hurricane Katrina destroys the gulf coast, Becky is injured and alone except for her cat Hades. Her house is damaged but she has been all right in her attic. Becky knows she has to venture out. She needs to find food and fresh water so that she can go look for her sisters. When she is attacked by looters, Becky is rescued by a naked man who canít remember anything including his name. But heíd heard her call and had to answer.

She calls him Ben. Where did he come from? He only knows that he doesnít want to go back there. As they grow closer and Ben takes care of her, his memory starts to fall into place. He knows that he isnít real but heís here to protect her. Ben knows he shouldnít be here. Will the truth of his existence keep them apart?

A common enemy wants what she canít have and is determined to take it. Ben has to bargain to save Beckyís life. Even if it means he has to die.  

Wild Chaote continues the Chappell sisterís story. Becky conjures her dream man without realizing she can actually conjure her dream man. Ben is more than she could have ever dreamed and soon has a place in Beckyís heart. It doesnít hurt that he loves her. And like so many of us, Becky doesnít realize she loves Ben until itís too late. Or is it? I think you should read Beckyís and Benís story, especially if youíve dreamed of conjuring a man of your own. Do you believe in magic?


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