The Legacy by H.B. Kurtzwilde

Guide to Survival, Volume 2

Torquere Press

Fantasy (M/M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-639-1, 1-60370-639-9

Reviewed by Sabella



Grey, Lysander and Jenner struggle to balance the love they share against the political demands on Jenner and their own individual needs.  This is a juggling act that sometimes results in broken plates on the floor, but they keep on. After all, they have love between them and that is the highest goal for any citizen of Eab Nanoorn.  Still, life is never really peaceful for Jenner and this time is no different. For political reasons, Jenner canít marry or make an open romantic commitment to the men he loves - Grey and Lysander. So when the King steps in to question Jennerís loyalty and commitment to serve, things get dicey.

How is Jenner, a man that never felt like he belonged, going to satisfy his heart by staying true to his loves and serve his King, who demands that he sire the future heirs to the throne?  All this while under the scrutiny of the nobility of Eab Nanoorn, which considers Jenner a bastard by birth.

Guide to Survival, Volume 2: The Legacy continues the incredibly rich and complex tale that is the life and times of Jenner, Grey and Lysander.  H.B. Kurtzwilde continued to build upon the amazing world he started to show us in the previous book and it will continue to explode in your imagination as Jenner navigates previously unexplored aspects of Eab Nanoorn, his family, and his love.  This time the interactions between Jenner, Grey and Lysander are more centered on how they make each other feel and how it affects Jennerís life as a political figure within his kingdom.  The story also explores how these eminently different men handle the pleasures of building their relationship within the wider environment of the society they live in.  Jennerís Legacy colors every action the men take. H.B. Kurtzwilde does a wonderful job of presenting all sides of this unusual romance while making Jenner, Grey and Lysander real and sympathetic.  Despite the complexity of The Legacy, it has a power to pull you into the story and keep you wrapped up in the menís powerful emotions to the point that when the end comes you almost resent parting from these characters.  The Legacy is an amazing book that should not be passed up and a must have for readers that read the first installment of the story.  I fervently hope that H.B. Kurtzwilde brings them back soon with an equally compelling story relating what happens next!


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