The Last Stallion by Christine DePetrillo

Whispers Publishing

Contemporary/ Shapeshifter

Reviewed by Tanya



Cassie Stone has had it.  She has dated her last cowboy!  The only problem is that as a large animal veterinarian, specializing in horses, that is the only type of man that she meets.  When she finds her current boyfriend in bed with another woman, while she was sleeping over at his house, she decides enough is enough and goes to New York City  to visit her sister.

Her sister fully supports her “no more cowboys” mantra and sets out to show her a good time.  As a matter of fact, she even smiles when Cassie is drawn to the gorgeous man in a suit. 

But Blake Mareson isn’t just a guy in a suit.  He is a cowboy in town with his four horses to model and make some money.  Then he is onto the quiet of rural Vermont where he and his horses can be alone and Blake can let his other side be free.

Cassie sticks to her resolution and refuses Blake’s offer of a date, or at least dinner.  But she keeps thinking of the man.  When she meets up with him again will she “stick to her guns” or will she be as intrigued to him as he is to her?

The first thing I thought after finishing The Last Stallion is “you have to love fate”.  How else could you explain Cassie going to NYC and still running into a cowboy?  I enjoyed the entertainment of The Last Stallion and feel that Ms. DePetrillo did a fine job in not only setting the stage for this story but in the interactions between the main characters.  I had fun reading The Last Stallion and think you will also.


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