The Kissing Game by Suzanne Brockmann

Sunrise Key Trilogy #2

Bantam (Loveswept #817)


ISBN: 0-553-44546-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Frankie is finally figuring out what she wants to do with her life.  She loves living on Sunshine Key, and now she is the Key’s own private investigator.  Now all she needs is taking on her first important case.  She has a fast timetable with a huge bonus as a possibility if she meets the timetable and Simon is acting as her assistant. 

If only Simon wasn’t so infuriating.  Ok well it is more that she has had a crush on him, like most women who come in contact with him, for years.  And he happens to be her best friend’s brother. 

The main problem seems to be that Simon didn’t realize that Frankie is now an adult and not the little pest that ran around with his sister.   Well and that he has a love ‘em and leave ‘em reputation that Frankie refuses to be a part of.  Now suddenly Frankie is looking for the boy from her past, which she had a huge crush on.  Will Simon realize what is before his eyes before it is too late?  And if so can he convince Frankie that he is a changed man.

I recommend reading The Kissing Game the same way I did, in the Florida Keys next to the ocean on a sunny day.  Reading it this way I could imagine that I might just see Frankie or Simon walking by.  This is the second story in the Sunrise Key Trilogy and just as fun as the first one.  I love how these two characters interact as well as how they each try to protect their hearts to the point they may lose the one thing they really want, love.  As with most everything Ms. Brockmann writes I think The Kissing Game is a winner.

Note: This series was originally published by Loveswept, these books are reprints.


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