The Darkest Joy by Dahlia Rose

Amira Press

Paranormal, IR

ISBN: 978-1-935348-00-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Caim is a fallen angel sentenced to a thousand years of servitude in hell for his crimes.  His life has been empty of joy, hope and light until he stumbles upon gentle-hearted phlebotomist, Bliss Tadeo.  Although he was there to collect one of the devil’s debts, his heart was stolen by Bliss and he returns to the small town of Merry, North Carolina, for a chance to forge a new future with this special woman.

Bliss comes to care for Caim, aware that he’s different.  This doesn’t stop her from falling for him.  When she discovers the truth, Bliss is willing to help Caim fight to regain his freedom from the underworld’s clutches. Sadly, they both understand that it won’t be an easy task to accomplish.

For me, the best stories contain themes such as good vs. evil, the salvation of love, sacrifice, faith and forgiveness, and The Darkest Joy matches the list.   I was moved by Bliss and Caim’s love and devotion.  Dahlia Rose played my romance heartstrings like a harp!  The intensity of her delivery drifted like heady perfume from chapter to chapter until I was drunk on it.   

Caim is admirable and worthy of Bliss because he is a rare individual, having learned from his mistakes.  Bliss’ compassionate nature is matched by Caim.  The perseverance and courage they display is laudable.   This tale reminds us to never lose our faith, don’t lose sight of what’s right and to continue fighting for the sake of love.


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