The Covenant

The Covenant by Annabel Wolfe

Starlight Chronicles, Book 2



ISBN: 978-1-60601-347-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Lt. Aspen Thorne is half human half S-Series officer assigned to help keep Larik Armada, an S-Series male and a brilliant engineer, in line when he is sent to Rapt One to repair their power generator.  Their pilot Trey York is also an S-Series male and is their pilot to the outer colony.  When they arrive at the colony they are shocked to be greeted by armed men in full containment gear.  They are put into quarantined and told they are there for 6 weeks at least, due to a recent infection in their colony.

What she hadn’t counted on was that the S-Series males hadn’t had female companionship for their entire travel time, as well as the upcoming six weeks.  The S-Series men have a heightened sexual drive and will get increasingly agitated and tense unless they have some release.  This means enacting “the rule” which means that as a military officer Aspen is required to help them through their time of need.  But are they being quarantined to hide a more sinister plot from being uncovered?

Can the three of them, while quarantined, manage to save the people of Rapt One and the rest of the planets in the system and what will become of the three lovers after the quarantine?

The Covenant is the second story in the Starlight Chronicles and an erotic one at that.  Ms. Wolfe has an interesting series going with the S-Series males and their interaction with humans.  The Covenant is well written and super sexy scenes between Aspen, Larik and Trey with an even funnier ending.  I enjoyed this latest addition of The Starlight Chronicles series and look forward to additional books by Ms. Wolfe.


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