The Christmas Visit by Marshall Thornton

Torquere Press

Holiday Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-572-1, 1-60370-572-4

Reviewed by Sabella



Coming home for Christmas after the death of his mother and dealing with his cranky father is going to be hard enough, but having his old crush Travis constantly in his face Ė along with his wife, might be more than he can bear.  But will this Christmas bring more surprises than his fatherís cooking skillsÖ

In The Christmas Visit the characters deal with a lot of issues that should have been interesting, but somehow were not Ė mostly because the majority of the plot involves the main character, who is never named, sneaking around with a married man who is deeply in the closet.  I have to say that I didnít particularly enjoy this book for several reasons; mainly I found the characters unsympathetic, but when Travis starts cheating on his wife I found it a total turn off.  Also, the entirety of this story is told from the first person point of view, which was done very well, but is not to every readers liking.  The Christmas Visit isnít a great romance, but if you enjoy furtive trysts and donít mind the flavor of infidelity you might find this story fun.


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