The Agency by JJ Massa

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary Anthology

ISBN 1-934166-71-5

Reviewed by Nannette



“Marek and Tyrone”

Marek Dublecek is a spy for the anti-terrorist group known as The Agency.   Tyrone Johnson is a cook there. Tyrone has developed an attraction for Marek but the quiet man is hard to get close to.  Marek was badly injured on his last mission and Tyrone wants to take care of him. He has more in mind than making Marek good food. Marek is not used to anyone caring about him so Tyrone’s attention is startling. The bad guys want Marek gone and another agent wants to get close to him.  Will Marek’s dangerous career keep him from the love of two good men?

Marek’s broken English and inability to grasp the concept of a relationship is endearing. Tyrone is just as charming. He treats Marek wonderfully. “Marek and Tyrone” has a hard and deadly side as well as a tender and passionate side.  While I wasn’t prepared for Caesar’s interest in Marek and Tyrone to be pursued, I was pleasantly surprised at how things ended between the three men.


“Vanya and Lance”

Lancelot Morgan is an agent for The Agency. He and Dr. Vanya Ambrozak are sent on a mission to stop Dr. Paul Havalon from unleashing a virus that could kill thousands of innocent people.  Vanya is not an agent though. He is a chemist and a professor. He is also exactly the kind of man Dr. Havalon is attracted to, so Vanya is sent to seduce him to obtain his secrets. The problem is Vanya has no sexual experience. Lance decides to initiate Vanya in the art of sex, but when the time comes to send him on the mission, will Lance be able to handle his lover being with another man, especially one as evil as Dr. Havalon?

Vanya is innocent to sex. He has no experience with touch of any kind. His innocence is sweet and charming. Lance’s possessiveness towards Vanya is realistic and very understandable because Vanya is vulnerable. The violence Vanya endures at the hands of Dr. Havalon is even more emotional because of Vanya’s weakness and timidity.  “Vanya and Lance” is a love story that takes place under the backdrop of a dangerous plot.

The Agency has two very interesting stories and four intriguing characters. Vanya and Marek are similar in that they are innocent, charming, and sweet. Marek is hardened by his career though whereas Vanya is more fragile. I like the storylines and the tender emotions in The Agency.


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