Tempting Traditions by Marie Harte

Whispers Publishing

SciFi  Romance

ISBN: not assigned

Reviewed by Willow



In a time when only ten percent of the people actually take vows, marriage is a forever arrangement. There is no divorce and the only way out of a marriage is by dying. And since killing herself is not an option, Sierra Merritt is getting married in three days to man she has never met. To a Tergonian shifter, no less.

How could her parents do this to her?

Her groom-to-be is not exactly excited about the wedding either so he lets his cousin talk him into going out to a Pleasure Palace so he can indulge. And in the process forget his impending marriage for a while. Jack Wright is more than thrilled when his cousin sets him up with the most gorgeous blonde he has ever seen.

In the midst of three days of wild, no holds barred sex they fall for each other. Now Jack has to figure out how he will deal with the fact that he has found his true mate and is going to have to marry someone else. Plus the blonde has a secret of her own.

I love Tempting Traditions! Everyone has secrets! There is a surprise around every corner, so to speak. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, I didnít.  And just wait Ďtil you see what happens to Jack and Sierra. Cause she is very definitely his type.


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