Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams by Jenny Penn

The Cowboys' Curse, Book 1

Siren Publishing

Contemporary/ Ménage/ Cowboys

Reviewed by Tanya



Shawn and Trent have a unique problem that can’t be solved by just anyone.  It all stems from their bad reaction to some trouble that their brother has gotten into, and the curse that the woman put on all of the Baxter men when they reacted badly to her confrontation.

Now they need to find, fall in love with, and have her fall in love with them, their soul mate.  To make matters worse they are going to have to kidnap Anna May to make this work.  She is no pushover and she is not about to let two arrogant cowboys tell her what to do, unless it is in the bedroom and since it all seems to be a dream maybe she will let the fantasy take over…

But, once the curse is broken what will happen to Shawn and Trent and will they be able to walk away from Anna May?

Sweet Dreams is a laugh out loud funny start to a new series by Ms. Penn.  What would you do if you were cursed and suddenly needed to find your soul mate but you have a bit of a logistical issue in finding her?  Well if you want to learn, then you have to read Sweet Dreams.  I enjoy the writings of Ms. Penn and this one is no different.


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