Sursein Judgment by Jet Mykles

Loose Id

Fantasy (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-924-9

Reviewed by Sabella



Rynnis Lort stands accused of the death of his lover, Lynnette Dotall, but it is all a result of a stupid mistake Ė experimenting with the drug hextasy.  Still, Rynn stands accused of her murder by her grieving parents. But the god of Justice, Surseine, seems to be on Rynnís side as his trial will be presided over by a Surseine judge Ė a man capable of hearing the truth or lies in peopleís words and, if needed, the judge can compel people to answer truthfully.  Rynn is exonerated, but left homeless. The local sheriff is sympathetic to Rynnís plight and arranges for him to leave with the judge.  Rynn soon finds that he is hardly prepared for the worldliness of Judge Shasertai and his entourage.  Will he ever adjust enough to become a permanent part of the group?

Judge Shasertai is out on a crusade to rid the world of the drug hextasy which kills most of its users.  However, the mastermind behind the making and distribution of this drug remains elusive and out Shasí grasp.  When Shas encounters Rynn he is completely surprised by the manís absolute honesty and innocence. A welcome respite in Shasí world.  All these qualities make Rynn irresistible. Shas knows that anything beyond friendship with Rynn is impossible as Rynn is as straight as the day is long, while Shas is very, very gay.

When circumstances push them together into a very compromising position it forces Rynn to face some realities about himself and his appreciation for Shas. Will Shas ever be so brave as to face the feelings Rynn brings to the surface?

Sursein Judgment is a very interesting and revealing tale that does not follow what one usually expects when picking up a book by Jet Mykles.  This book certainly contains the trademark eroticism, angst, and love that Jet Mykles always delivers, but the setting is a mix of historical fantasy and the tortured hero is the experienced man, not the novice.  Regardless, Jet Mykles does not disappoint, delivering characters that are touching and believable within a plot that will keep you turning the pages quickly.  Rynn is an enchanting character with his innocence about the world and his unfailing ability to remain honest even if he is uncomfortable.  Shas, for all his brashness and flippancy, takes his job as an emissary of the god Surseine very seriously. When his faith is tested it takes Rynnís belief in Shas to bring him back into the fold of his god.  When Rynn and Shas finally come together after fully acknowledging their love for one another, the explosion is cataclysmic for both of them. Sursein Judgement will grip you in ways that will make you live the emotional journey along with Rynn and Shas.  Pick up Sursein Judgment when you are looking for a little bit of angst and passion along with love between two hot men. You wonít be disappointed!


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