Succubusted by Inara Lavey

Ravenous Romance


ISBN:  978-1-60777-102-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Lil can have any man she wants — and has.  Being part-human, part succubus guarantees there’s no shortage of men to feed off.  It also doesn’t leave her with much of a life because relationships are out of the question. Too much sex with her is a fatality to her lovers.  The carnival seems like the perfect solution to forget her woes.  Just when she’s starting to feel nostalgic, green-eyed hunk Damien appears with a few tricks up his sleeve.

Sleek and sexy, Succubusted carries a sassy narrative featuring a hot, self-aware heroine who’s in control and downright entertaining.  I really liked Lil’s voice all the way through and her trip to the carnival takes you back to childhood.  It was so wonderfully described I could see, smell and taste everything.  When Damien comes on the scene there’s a perfect amount of tension, and the resolution is innovative.  I got a kick out of this compact ball of paranormal friskiness, and so will you.


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