Star-Crossed by JM Snyder

Torquere Press

Futuristic (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Reth Reilly has had the hots for Xan Anders from the very first day he saw him at Betelgeuse Flight Academy.  On graduation night, Reth finally finds courage at the bottom of a bottle to approach Xan and it all seems to be going right along with every fantasy Reth has had of Xan for the past four years until Reth suggests they move things to a more private place…  So when their paths cross months later Reth is astounded when Xan approaches him, but will things finally end where they were headed on graduation night?

Star-Crossed is a deliciously sensual and full of the exhilaration and angst of first love.  Reth and Xan will make you wish that they were real so you could see them in action, but even on the page they will set you to smoldering from the first kiss they share.  Star-Crossed is a fun and erotic story that shouldn’t be passed up by romance lovers anywhere and by JM Snyder fans everywhere!


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