So Many Wolves by Leona Grey

Changeling Press

Paranormal/ Shapeshifters/Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60521-155-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Julia has decided to finally give up on her crush on David once she hears him say that he will never “date anyone that is larger than a size 6.”  So she decides to have a great time at her friends Mardi Gras party, the event is to be a week long costume event.

Julia has been looking forward to her friend’s weeklong Mardi Gras party for months. While she is hoping to have fun she is also secretly hoping to show David how sexy a curvy woman can be.

What Julia doesn’t count on is that more than one man will find her exceedingly attractive, or that they will all be shapeshifters, and alpha males at that.  Now that she has met the mysterious and handsome Galen, she knows that her crush on David was in the past.  But what will happen when she finds out Galen has more than just wolfish tendencies?  And what will she think of their customs?

So Many Wolves has one of my favorite themes these days “women with curves are desirable”, and the fact it has shapeshifting alpha wolves doesn’t hurt.  So Many Wolves is a fast paced and fun look at a Mardi Gras Party event that will change the life of Julia.  But at the same time what would you do in Julia’s situation?


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