Silent Partner by Treva Harte

I Heart That City


Ménage (M/M/F)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-899-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Chaz and Bry have a good thing going. They own a bar together where Bry does his best to run the bar and keep it all in order despite his cantankerous hot temper. Chaz, meanwhile, stays in the background running the business part of things.  They also share an unacknowledged romance that binds them together, yet remains unspoken for fear of ruining a good thing.  However, when Bry gets news from the family that he has inherited his aunt’s home back in New York, his itchy feet tell him it’s time to move on and leave Chaz before he gets left behind – again.

Chaz has no intention of letting Bry leave without a fight and he is desperate enough to enlist the help of their old playmate, Susan, to give Bry the incentive he needs to stay.  But at the end of the day will it be enough?

When I picked up I Heart That City: Silent Partner I had no idea what a ride I was in for. But Treva Harte does it again, bringing to life characters and situations that would otherwise be unbelievable or tawdry and making them purely romantic.  Bry is your stereotypical New Yorker that is all attitude and gruff demeanor, but beneath that he is as vulnerable as the next man, one that refuses to deal with his emotions.  Chaz is a southern gentleman to the bone, except when he lets his guard down around Bry and becomes a rough and ready sex machine.  Susan is mostly a mystery as she sort of comes in at the end and ties this sexy ménage together. Treva Harte does a great job of creating great chemistry between all three characters for a seemingly true triad.  I Heart That City: Silent Partner is a fun and sexy read that will entertain you as it turns you on.


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