Ship of Dreams by Reilly Ryan

Samhain Publishing

Gay Historical

ISBN:  978-1-60504-385-2

Reviewed by Cassie



James Hyde, a con man who makes his living fleecing others, needs to find fresher pastures.  His voyage on the Titanic as a first-class passenger has the dual purpose of getting him away from the police and allowing him to find a new victim.  Onboard the ship, he finds himself in need of a hiding place and rushes into the first cabin he finds.  The man inside helps him hide from the police, and also intrigues himÖ

Will Woods is journeying back to America after his fatherís death, accompanied by his mother and his fiancťe.  His duty presses down on him, stifling him.  Then he meets a strange, fascinating man.  He starts to want things he knows he has no business wanting. 

Social position, duty, society, and a danger they arenít aware of stand between James and Will.  Can their love survive the obstacles they face?

I was very excited to read Ship of Dreams.  The tragic story of the Titanic is well-known, and the idea of a gay love story set to that backdrop really appealed to me.  When I first started reading Ship of Dreams, I wasnít sure I was going to like it.  Con man James and duty-bound, engaged Will didnít seem terribly sympathetic at first.  I loved the details about the ship, and the cast of secondary characters was interesting, but it took me a while to get into the main storyline.  Once Will began to face up to his feelings and James started showing his inner self a bit, I warmed up to them both.  There were several hot encounters between them, and lots of internal and external conflict.  By the time the climax of the story came, I was fully invested in the story and quite moved at several points.  I will definitely be watching for Reilly Ryanís next work.       


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