Shared by Wolves by Rena Marks

Ellora’s Cave

Shape-shifter, BDSM, Ménage

ISBN: 9781419917202

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Ellie marries a vicious stranger and shortly after meets Alpha werewolf Duggan Baddeaux.  Their attraction is instant and intense; it’s a struggle to keep her marriage vows.  Duggan recognizes Ellie as his destined mate, it doesn’t matter that she’s human.  Her vile husband is no obstacle when Duggan decides to claim her.  Their mating will not be easy since Duggan has limited experience with humans.  He must find the strength to fight his instincts to ravage her body in order to win her heart.   With the help of his gentler, young brother they will lure her into their world with patience, passion and love.

Sex, power and werewolves piled onto more sex, dominance games and extra, extra hot boys-on-girl action makes Shared by Wolves one of the naughtiest novels I’ve read to date.  Ellie is no match for big bad wolf Duggan — at first.   I wasn’t quite sure if this was a contemporary take on Little Red Riding Hood.  To be honest, I’m still not.  This very lucky gal is smashed between a pair of sexual heavyweights with a different take on sex, both offering her kinkiness on a platter.  As I became involved with Ellie’s awakening, I felt as if I’d stumbled onto an adult movie set, with very glossy effects, contemporary and high-tech close up shots of magnified detail.  Yes, the writing is just that vivid.  I’ll concede there’s emotional moments and romance which all lead (of course) to headboard-to-the-wall-slamming sex.   Bedroom play aside, this story had a few dark violent moments and subject matter that might make you a tad uneasy if you’re a newbie to the shape-shifting world. 


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