Shadow Walk by Devyn Quinn

Whispers Publishing

Erotic Fantasy

Reviewed by Willow



All her life Adri has been groomed to take her place as Dark Priestess, a taker of souls, of the Legion. She has gone through her training obediently, blindly  believing that her way of life is how it should be. It is not her place to question those in charge only to do as she is told. She is content with things the way they are. Until now.

On the day of her initiation into her role as priestess, Raiders attack and take her from the only world she has ever known. Their leader wants Adri for his own. He is determined to convince her to change the only beliefs she has ever known. But will his desire to love and fight for her be enough?

Shadow Walk has promise but sadly was a disappointment. It was too predictable. Adri is faced with making a life changing choice and must overcome her own insecurities and doubts. Her hero swoops in and rescues her from herself offering his love and a life she has only dreamed about. Is there hot sex? Yes, there is but there is also what amounts to rape which contributes to the contrast between Adriís life and the life that Ardan is offering her. The obvious storyline of Shadow Walk made it an adequate read.


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