Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells by EM Lynley

Ravenous Romance

Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60777-064-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Kieran Quinn enjoys life as a snippy, sarcastic and irreverent columnist for chic magazine Gloss.  Yet, after writing his last piece with a less than sarcastic slant and getting it turned around by his editor, Kieran begins to feel the inklings of dissatisfaction with his job.  However, this job is comfortable and Kieran gets paid really well for the privilege.  So, while hunting for material for his next column Kiernan stumbles across a real-life version of the “Run Away Bride” and decides that this just might be the type of story to bring him back to his sarcastic and irreverent best.  However, Kieran didn’t count on the effect Jaxon, the prospective groom, would have on him or the secrets that he would uncover while researching the bride’s past wedding failures…

Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells is a long tale about honesty, love and growing up.  Kieran is your typical conceited gay man that only has time for superficial encounters that end before the sun rises, while Jaxon is a man of earnest emotion that while content with his life nonetheless feels trapped by the path his life has taken.  Most of the book of is spent investigating the bride’s suspicious past and dancing around the undercurrents of attraction between Kieran and Jaxon, the supposed straight groom.  Also, the plot, as a whole, was rather simplistic and boilerplate with few surprises and full of two dimensional characters.  The “climax” of the story was also rather rushed and almost unnoticeable amidst of the blossoming “relationship” between Kieran and Jaxon leaving the remaining of the book feeling either unnecessary when related to what had gone before or becoming the real action in the predictable romance plot.  Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells is an unoriginal romance, but if you don’t mind the lack of surprise in the plot or outcome it can serve as entertainment on a long day.


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