Savage by Lila Dubois

Zinahs: Book Two

Liquid Silver Books

Paranormal Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-59578-386-8

Reviewed by Willow



The Great City is at peace now. The usurper king is dead and the rightful High King and Queen now rule. Itís been 1000 years since peace reigned in the land. The King and Queen are eager to negotiate treaties with the other kingdoms that make up the Land Between the Seas. The first is an ambassadorial mission to Den, the homeland of Anleeh the new Lord Justice.

Siara is Headmistress of the Temple College and has been in love with Anleeh since the first moment she saw him. She was willing to love him in secret knowing it would go nowhere. Anleeh was one of the Zinahs, the guardians of the Priestess and forbidden to anyone else. As official Historian and Scribe for this mission, now is her chance to have him and she will take whatever she can get.

Many years ago Anleeh came to the Great City to train with the soldiers. It was his only hope of controlling his beast. And now he has to return to his home to negotiate a treaty with his Uncle. He will do what is needed but he is afraid of the darker side of himself. He wants to keep his beast under control, but can he, when that part of him is the most revered in Den?

As Anleeh fights his beast, Siara falls more and more in love with the man he is. He distances himself from her until she tells him her secret. Why hadnít she told him before? Just as they are preparing to return to the Great City, Anleeh faces his greatest fears. Can Siaraís love save him?

Anleeh and Siara are a good couple. Neither will admit to loving the other because each is afraid of themselves. Isnít that just like people? Savage is full of really hot sex and angst and mystery. The emotion is solid and the characters are mostly strong. I was reading right along and then there was the Ďyouíre kiddingí moment. It wasnít completely wrong but it was off. At least it was to me. Even though itís not exactly the thing for me, Iíd still recommend Savage to anyone who really likes fantasy.


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