Sangria and Seraphim by Jaye Valentine and Reno MacLeod

Star Crossed, Book 2 ˝


Erotic M/M Paranormal

Reviewed by Nannette



Demon twin brothers, Konnor and Jace Barton, own Tailz, a bar that caters to a very colorful clientele.  Jace has a thing for angels. One in particular has caught his eye tonight. Ariel has heard about how Jace debauched another angel and he wants a taste. With the help of his twin, Jace gives Ariel what he wants and more.

Jace and Konnor from Demon Tailz are back and still having hot, hot sex. This time, they are corrupting an angel. The brothers are sexy and forceful and like things rough and dirty. It’s sexy hot. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of Ariel again. The demons seem to have taken a fancy to their angel in Sangria and Seraphim.


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