Reunion by Vic Winter

Torquere Press

Contemporary, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-649-0, 1-60370-649-6

Reviewed by Raine



Ryan Gardiner Jr. was the class geek back in the day. He is still a geek, but now he is one with confidence and a few million in the bank. He still has not decided why he is going back to his class reunion except he would like to see the class quarterback again.

Reunion is a classic story about the class nerd who got picked on and wants to come back to rub all the school bullies’ faces in the green he is now rolling in…that and his more buff appearance does not hurt either. It is all the better though when he hooks up with the class jock. The balance of the story is excellent; however, I found the last few lines rushed what I considered a budding relationship. Still, a wonderful story I would recommend to all M/M readers.


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