Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 9780425226742

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



In just a few short weeks, the lawyer firm Payton Kendall and J. D. Jameson are attorneys for will announce their latest partner invitations.  Being made a partner is something that both Payton and J. D. have worked and hungered for.  For eight years both Payton and J. D. have had to control their feelings for each other and strive to get along as coworkers.  Not any longer. The firm has decided that they can only make one of them partner so all bets are off Ė may the best man, or woman, win.

Julie James hits the bullís eye once again with a totally hilarious but sexy novel in Practice Makes Perfect.  J. D. and Payton have fought so long and so hard to be mean to each other, they almost canít remember a time when they were civil.  Besides that, they are unsure of why they started fighting and playing pranks on each other to start with.  Asked to help their firm represent a high profile client, Payton and J. D. are unable to keep their hands, and their mouths off of each other.  Whether they are in the bedroom or the boardroom, these two characters are evenly matched and absolutely thrilling to watch.

Laughing out loud more than once (hint: courtroom scene), I found Practice Makes Perfect to be playful, passionate and remarkably close to being a perfect book.  I canít wait to see what Ms. James has in store for her next release.  I will definitely be buying and reading it no matter what!


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