Outrageous Behavior by Amy Corwin

The Wild Rose Press English Tea Rose


Reviewed by Tanya



Laura is coming up to a difficult decision, as her Season in London is coming to a close.  Her parents are going to expect her to accept the offer of marriage that has been extended to her and she cannot stand the man that has made the offer.  More to the fact she is attracted to a man that is deemed to be far above her station, and her parents seem to think he could never love her.

But, what will happen if she sticks to her guns and refuses the marriage offer and instead goes fishing with a woman friend?

Outrageous Behavior is a fast paced fun look at turn of the century England.  I loved how Laura goes against convention and does not do what her parents want her to do, knowing the consequences.  And maybe she just might get what she really wants out of life if she sticks to her desires.  I look forward to more offerings from Ms. Corwin in this genre in the future.


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