Nobody But You by Francis Ray

A Grayson Friends Novel, Book 3

St. Martin’s Press

African American Contemporary

ISBN-10: 0312946856

ISBN-13: 978-0312946852

Reviewed by Indy



Crashing while racing turned out to be the best thing that Cameron McBride could have ever done. Running into Caitlin Lawrence, the ex-fiancée who left him at the altar a broken man was the last thing he expected. The meeting paled in comparison to looking into the eyes of the son he never knew existed. Unwilling to let his son go, Caitlin will have to come to terms quickly with how her life will change forever because Cameron is in his son’s life to stay.

Knowing first hand what the dangers of racing are, Caitlin doesn’t want that life for herself or her child. Taking the cowards way out and running wasn’t done with malice but with the need to keep her heart safe. Now that Cameron has found them both and refuses to be left out anymore Caitlin will have to come to terms with her fears or risk losing everything, winding up alone and miserable.

The beauty of the written word is an author’s ability to manipulate reality and make it their own. Nobody But You, is the story of an African American NASCAR racer and his quest for racing excellence as he tries to come to terms with a child he just met. Cameron McBride is an adrenaline junkie with an undeniable passion for driving fast and winning. The love of his life and the mother of his child Caitlin Lawrence’s idea of a good “career” is something safe. Caitlin’s horrific fears about racing made for some interesting situations that bordered on paranoia at times. 

As always Francis Ray’s writing abilities are impeccable but Caitlin’s mental weakness transferred to her son and really made it hard for me to get behind her. The “I thought it was better to keep your child away excuse” also resulted in some lost brownie points as far as the heroine was concerned. Cameron I actually loved, he was a man who loved his family, life and his job with equal amounts of passion. Joshua the son of Caitlin and Cameron and was precious and thoroughly entertaining. The best part for me of Nobody But You for me was how much research went into preserving the integrity of NASCAR rules, history and the race experience. The detailed descriptions of even the safety equipment made me want to give NASCAR a look this summer. Now that I’ve ready the third book in the Grayson Friend’s series I’m interested in reading its predecessors to see if this series is as engaging as the Grayson family saga.


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