Must Love Dogs by Lena Austin and Tuesday Richards

Series: Night Critters

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-902-6

Reviewed by Elysia



Roni is a bitch in heat. No, really. And she would love to find someone to help her with that problem, but most of her dates lately just suck. When her roommate signs her up for an online dating service, she thinks it’s a ridiculous idea, but then she meets Corbin.

Corbin is a man hiding a secret. It’s not a bad secret, just something he is tired of living under. He wants a woman to want him for him, not for what he is.

Corbin is cute. He is a big fluffy alpha male in lust and I just found him adorable. I loved seeing his side of things, the way he looked at things, it just made me smile most of the time.  It’s nice to see Roni go for what she wants. No excuses, she just goes for it.

Must Love Dogs by Lena Austin and Tuesday Richards was hilarious. I found myself chuckling and outright laughing more than once. When Roni has to decide “to never laugh and come simultaneously” I was laughing so hard I almost stopped reading. I will never get that love scene out of my head. I did, however, find the ending somewhat lacking. I thought they needed more of something to make it work the way they wanted it to. Perhaps if they had expanded upon a couple things, it wouldn’t have seemed so contrived or “off” to me.  Having said that, however, I have moved Must Love Dogs into my reread file. It is a definite pick me up, happily ever after kind of story.


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