Mortal Sins by Eileen Wilks

World of the Lupi, Book 5


Paranormal Suspense

ISBN: 978-0425225523

Reviewed by Jo



Lily Yu is with her lover and mate, Rule Turner, in North Carolina on personal family business.  Lily is a member of the FBIís Magical Crimes Division and when you are mated to the lu nuncio of the Nokolai werewolf clan, nothing is as simple as taking time off to deal with personal issues.  The trip is so that Rule can gain custody of his son and deal with a little bit of clan business.

When bodies are found and death magic is apparent (a federal crime), Lily is pressed into service to discover what is going on in the North Carolina woods.  Nothing is adding up and suspects are becoming victims as the investigation goes on.  If that wasnít enough to confuse things, the mother of Ruleís son has appeared and she has an agenda of her own.  Lily and Rule have to use every one of their advantages and bring in friends to solve the crime and keep the entire family safe and together forever.

Mortal Sins adds yet another chapter in Lily and Ruleís lives. This time they have to track down an illusive murderer while dealing with unexpected issues concerning the custody hearing for Ruleís son.  I love the twisty turns that happen when Lily and Rule have to combine both their responsibilities and try to stay within their respective rules.  Lily and Rule become more and more in love as the book unfolds and the danger come up close and personal.  There were several places where I was wondering what would happen next and I have to admit that I could not figure out who was the real criminal was or how close it would come to Rule and Lily.  I was very happy and shocked by the ending and canít wait for the next chapter in Rule and Lilyís lives.  Mortal Sins is a great paranormal suspense filled book that will keep you scratching you head.  While it could be read alone, I would probably suggest reading the series in order as each book is building the lives of Lily, Rule and their friends and family.


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