Mail Order Bride for Two by Elle Saint James

Badlands, Book 1

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ISBN: 1-60601-480-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Clarissa Barnes is heading to the badlands of South Dakota to meet with the husband she was contracted to marry, while still in Boston.  But, as her luck has run recently not only is the train late, her seatmate had jumped off the train and killed herself, but she is greeted with the news that her promised spouse has married another.  The only thing that might save her is that the two men, yes two, that were there to meet the suicide victim might just offer her the same deal as the dead woman.  If she wants it that is.

Can Clarissa take on the role as the “special” bride or will she think what Logan and Derek are offering is too scandalous for her?

Ms. Saint James puts an interesting twist on a well known plot line, the mail order bride.  I found this twist as well as the interactions with the characters to make for a fun and fast read.  I am interested in seeing where this series heads, and hope to see more of Clarissa and her men in the future.  I enjoyed Mail Order Bride for Two and look forward to more from Ms. Saint James.


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