Mail Order Bride by Alex de Kok

Aspen Mountain Press


ISBN:  978-1-60168-101-0

Reviewed by Cassie



Alastair James “Jim” Mackenzie is heading out West to make his fortune when he helps a young lady who’s being harassed by a thug on the train.  Then they end up getting off at the same stop, where the young woman had planned to be a mail order bride.  Upon discovering her husband-to-be has died, Jim offers to marry her himself and help her work his homestead.  Will Jim and his new bride be able to make a happy home despite all the obstacles they face?

Mail Order Bride features a plot I have always enjoyed, that of the mail order bride going out West to start a new life.  Jim is a likeable, if rather too perfect, fellow.  His wife, Elizabeth, is remarkably adaptable.  Secondary characters were interesting as well.  My problem with Mail Order Bride is that all conflicts are dealt with much too quickly and easily.  Because of this, the story loses some emotion and isn’t as compelling as it ought to be.  If you like Western romances, you will probably find something to like in Mail Order Bride, but don’t expect a deep or complicated story.


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