Love Times Seven by Beverly Rae



ISBN: 1-55410-785-7

Reviewed by Tanya



Kat is desperate.  Her successful dating service, Romance Magic, Inc. has suddenly gone from fantastically successful (ok, modestly successful) to in trouble and she doesn’t know what is happening.  Add to this her meddling sister who is insisting that she needs to date someone who is not human and her life seems to be full of stress.  Then suddenly Colin walks into her life.  He has come to be set up with someone, but makes Kat an offer instead. 

He wants her to pretend to be his wife, and while living with him shape his crude brothers into six desirable men and set them up with women.  She knows she is up for the challenge (being magical and all) and agrees. 

Things are going very well, except for the curse that someone has placed on Colin, and the fact that Kat seems to be falling for Colin.  Will she be able to save her business and keep the man she is falling for?

The title says it all.  How can you love seven men? Well that is easy if you can convert the seven crude, rude and with attitude brothers into reasonable sexy men.  I was drawn into Love Times Seven from the blurb and Ms. Rae’s fun and imaginative characters kept me entertained throughout the story.  I had fun reading Love Times Seven.


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