Lilith Enraptured by Michelle M. Pillow

Divinity Warrior

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419921094

Reviewed by Tanya



Sorin of Firewall, lives in a land that is constantly at war, with a race of cannibals.  The men of his race are in fact so busy that their marriage ceremonies are now just a lineup where the “will of the gods” happens and they just pick women they wish to claim as a wife.  Sorin has no intention of picking a bride, his first attempt at marriage ended in disaster so he has set out to live his life alone.  But, when he sees Lilith things seem to quickly change and he is doing things he promised to never do again.

Lilith is used to traveling between dimensions, as it is her job.  What she is not used to is waking up in another dimension and finding she is being “auctioned” up as a bride.  She is stunned when one of the large warriors seems to think she is now his bride, and for that matter, her bridal duties as described to her sound a lot more like a sex slave.

But, it doesn’t take Lilith long to find out there is more to Sorin of Firewall than just warrior.  There is a kind man who she just might be falling in love with.  At the same time, she knows she is not the only woman who has been kidnapped and brought to this world and wants to stop this practice.  But can she convince her new “husband” that she isn’t really trying to just escape him, or betray him?

I think Ms. Pillow did a wonderful job in portraying how Lilith would react to suddenly finding she is a bride of a warrior and in a strange dimension.  I thoroughly enjoyed the interactions between the characters in Lilith Enraptured and felt the novel has a steady fast pace that will keep the reader interested.


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