Lhampyre Yule by Tianna Xander

eXtasy Books

Dark Fantasy, Vampire

Reviewed by Patrice F.



One day, Celeste is in the forest when it grows too late to return home.  A dark mysterious man saves her from danger.  She is mesmerized and seduced by his beauty and passion.  What is he?  Is she dreaming?

The nostalgic, picturesque setting was ideal for Celeste.  It recalls every fairy tale about a beautiful maiden who gets lost in the forest and stumbles into a life altering experience.  I admit to favoring her dark stranger because letís face it, heís Byronic!

Tianna Xanderís writing radiates poignant delicacy that was to my taste, and compliments the plot and characters. Lhampyre Yule carries something uniquely special Iíd like to define as this authorís narrative signature.  All in all, I found it to be romantically lustrous, tender and steamy.


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