Club Immortality: Lay Me Down by Taige Crenshaw

Club Immortality Series, Book One



ISBN: 978-1-906328-46-7

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Syn was betrayed by her lover when she let down her guard and revealed her darkest secret.  Still reeling from the betrayal, she refuses to allow her heartache to continue ruling her life by enjoying a night out at Club Immortality.  What she finds is Micah, a man so fabulously perfect that she’s tempted to express how much she wants him right then and there.  Club Immortality caters to and brings to life every patron’s need.  Perhaps, Micah is the answer to her desires.

Tough, assertive women and empathetic, talented men are always the players in Taige Crenshaw’s worlds.  Club Immortality: Lay Me Down keeps the rhythm with Syn and Micah, two lonely souls locked in a passionate tug-of-war of love.  You’ll get heatstroke following Syn and Micah in and out of the bedroom as each hot scene attempts to outdo the last.  I must state that their entire dynamic isn’t just strictly physical, there is romance.  Ms. Crenshaw effectively conveys Syn and Micah’s emotional connection. 

Club Immortality: Lay Me Down comes on strong as the intro to this fabulously exotic and sensuous series, an appetizer for the next course.   If Club Immortality actually existed, you’d constantly find yourself tripping over happy people every time you took a step.


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