Last Chance for Love by Brenna Lyons

Kegin Series, Book One


Futuristic, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60659-014-0

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Jole was raised with love and compassion by his cross-mate Earth-born mother.  Since childhood, he has been prepared to meet his cross-mate and has been counseled by his mother on how to woo and win his future bride for his true-mate.  Should he fail to capture her heart (produce an heir), she will become the bride of his younger brother, Mik.

Susan Braeden is kidnapped from her home and taken to Kegin.  She is terrified to learn that she is the cross-mate of an alien stranger.   Jole is kind, loving, and makes every effort to welcome her and to soothe her fears.  Susanís desire to have children will now be a possibility.  For years she has been diagnosed by doctors as being infertile.  Learning that she is not fully human is more than a revelation; it will be the means to fulfilling her hopes and dreams if she accepts Jole as her true-mate.   

The Kegin saga continues far, far into the future of Last Chance for Love, and itís over 400 pages of intrigue, action, Keen-Earthling culture clashes, and lava-hot cross-mate loving that never stops.  I didnít want it to end even as I whisked through this book in less than a day.  It was engrossing to experience Susanís and Joleís mating, and then later to learn more about their respective families and even more about Kegin society and ritual.  Brenna Lyons is downright wicked with her pen and imagination, a champion artist of world building.  Her scientific explanations as to why the Keen need human DNA to continue thriving and reproducing is brilliantly insightful and sound without overpowering the narrative.  I can vouch for the fact that her handle on technology and scientific terms sets her above lesser authors standing in her prolific shadow.  The weakest area in the book for me is when Joleís motherís abuse at the hands of his father is recounted.  The history and secrets are powerful and touching, but I didnít care for the delivery.  I do appreciate the fact that at some point, the key players get their turn in the spotlight, and itís wonderful to watch them get a shot at redemption and second chances.   Still there are others who are beyond hope and reformation, and I applaud the way this author has to the ability to make you connect despite their as flaws. 

If youíre not familiar with this series, Last Chance for Love can best be described as an innovatively rich, futuristic chronicle thatís downright addictive.


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