Knuckle City by Sarah Colter

Tag Team, Book 3

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-647-6, 1-60370-647-X

Reviewed by Sabella



One night while Kerry, Lomian and Chad are on their way home, they come across a badly beaten man.  When they pick him up they discover that his injuries are the result of participating in some dirty fight club referred to as “Knuckle City”.  Once the men speak with friends on the police force, they discover sinister things going on in this underground fight club.  Will they be brave enough to go in and help the authorities?  And if they do, will they survive the night?

Tag Team 3: Knuckle City is an unsophisticated tale which continues the account of Kerry, Lomian and Chad.  Like previous installments of this chaser series, this tale is easy and uncomplicated.  Tag Team 3: Knuckle City is really a basic read that is good for a moment’s mindless entertainment, but don’t look to it if you are interested in characters with depth and an interesting plot. Best to give it a pass, unless simple is what you are in the mood for.


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