Kiss of Darkness by Jennifer St. Giles

The Shadowmen, Book 3



ISBN:  978-1416563396

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



In Twilight, Tennessee, things are going from bad to worse. The sheriff, Sam Sheridan has been bitten by a vampire.  He knows that demons are doing their best to take over his town and he knows that he has a tough fight ahead of him – not just against the demons but against his soul.  The person he is most worried about is Emerald Linton, the woman that he loves.  But, Emerald has her own secret – she is an angel and if she can’t turn Sam’s soul from going bad, she will have to eradicate him and the thought of killing the man she loves is almost enough to make this angel lose hope.

I should have started this series with the first book, Touch a Dark Wolf, because I think then I would have understood it better.  However, what I do understand is that Jennifer St. Giles has written an emotionally ridden and turmoil filled paranormal novel that I couldn’t put down.  The love between Emerald and Sam made me blush and sigh in pleasure because no matter what evil they were fighting, they loved.  Kiss of Darkness is one book that I will read again – I do recommend beginning the series with book 1, Touch a Dark Wolf.  Since reading Kiss of Darkness I have done just that and it made me love this series that much more.


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