Honor Thyself by Danielle Steel

Bantam Books


ISBN: 978-0-440-24328-1

Reviewed by Ley



After the death of her husband, actress Carole Barber needed time away from the limelight. Stealing away on her own, Carole goes to Paris, a place she once called home. Caroleís time in Paris does not go as expected when she finds herself the victim of a terrorist attack that left her comatose and alone. Carole regains consciousness but doesnít remember anything about her life.  She relies on the people around her to regain her life again.

Honor Thyself is the first Danielle Steel book I have read in a long time and unfortunately it didnít compare to the books Iíve enjoyed in the past.  The tone of the story and the main character came across as uninteresting and I had a difficult time getting into the story.  Iím used to Ms. Steelís characters making me feel for them, especially the heroines.  Iím used to women who make me cheer their strength and feel compassion for their pain, I felt none of that for Carole, or anyone else in the story.  I did find some interest in the chapters toward the end of the book and even though I wasnít crazy about the majority of this story, the ending did make me smile. Honor Thyself may not have held my interest, but other Danielle Steel fans may find it to their liking.


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