His Captive Lady by Anne Gracie

Devil Riderís, Book 2

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0-425-22324-6

Reviewed by Willow



Harry Morant canít take his eyes off the woman in the rain. Sheís wet and muddy, and the most fascinating woman he has ever seen. Not knowing why, he gives her his favorite hat and gloves to protect her from the rain before she disappears. She fills his mind even as his aunt searches for a wife for him. 

Nell Freymore only wants to get home. Everything will be all right once she gets there and she can start looking for her baby daughter. Except that when she gets there everything is not okay. Her father has lost their home in a card game. And now Nell is homeless and alone. The kindness of a stranger went a long way to sooth her bruised spirit.

Their paths cross again when Harry wants to buy the home her father lost. Nell is amazed that the man with the grey eyes wants to buy her house. Out of the blue Harry asks Nell to marry him, to the surprise of them both. And she refuses him though she doesnít want to. She will be companion to a widowed lady going to London. She can stand the way Mrs. Beasley treats her if it means finding her baby.

Nell is the only choice for Harry but she canít let him ruin things. She has plans for after she finds Torie and he is not a part of them. No matter how persistent he is.  Harry wants Nell with every breathe in his body but how will he feel about her when he hears the truth?

The second in the Devil Riderís series, His Captive Lady is better than Iíd expected it to be. I used to read every historical I could get my hands on then somehow I strayed. I do believe I have been lured back. I love the interactions between Harry and Nell. Nell turns Harryís brain to mush when heís around her. I laughed at his surprise when he asked her to marry him. He didnít even see it coming. Nell has to learn to trust this man who is so different from anyone she has ever known. A definite feel good ending.


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