Highland Scandal by Julia London

Scandal Series, Book 2

Pocket Books


ISBN: 978-1416547105

Reviewed by Shayna



After being falsely accused of having an affair with the Princess of Wales, Jack Haines, Earl of Lambourne, is forced to flee to his native Scotland.  With charges of high treason hanging over his head and the Prince of Walesís men hot on his heels, Jackís bad luck is compounded when heís captured by Laird Carson Beal.  What Jack doesnít expect is Bealís proposition.  Either Jack enters into a handfasting Ė an ancient custom where a couple is effectively married for only a year and a day unless they decide to make it permanent Ė with Bealís niece, Lizzie, or the laird will hand Jack over to the princeís men.  Jackís wariness turns into acceptance when he meets Lizzie.  Too bad sheís even less thrilled about the arrangement than he!

Elizabeth Drummond Beal is furious. Her uncleís machinations are threatening to destroy her chance at a happy marriage.  Yet she canít help but be drawn to the rakish earl whose fate is now tied to hers.  As Jack and Lizzie reluctantly start to work together to discover the real reasons her uncle is so eager to have them handfasted, desire begins to bloom between the pair.  But will two such different souls be able to find enough common ground for a chance at a love that could last far beyond a year and a day?

Enjoy being swept away to the Scottish Highlands with Julia Londonís tale of an unlikely romance between a feisty Scottish lass and the charming rogue who is her match.  Highland Scandal is a delightful romp filled with both spirit and heart that I could not put down.

Lizzie and Jack have a somewhat antagonistic relationship to begin with.  Though understandable, this slowed the story down a bit in the beginning.  Happily, Ms. London picked up the pace and made me absolutely adore Jack and Lizzie.  Each has been backed into a corner by the actions and accusations of others, and I was rooting for them to not only make the best of their situation, but to find love with one another in it.  A dash of intrigue added by Lizzieís unscrupulous uncle kept me reading Highland Scandal late into the night, eager for the intrepid hero and heroine to figure out and overcome his schemes.

Fans of Ms. Londonís will delight in once again seeing Jackís sister Fiona (who, in the Snowy Night with a Stranger anthology, found love whilst searching for Jack).  Also, though Highland Scandal stands on its own, the Earl of Lindsey of The Book of Scandal does appear, as do Jackís other friends, including the Duke of Darlington who is the hero of Ms. Londonís next Scandal book, A Courtesanís Scandal.  Not having read the first Scandal book, I can definitely say I will be ordering The Book of Scandal and am most eager to read the next Scandal tale.  All in all I found Highland Scandal to be an engaging, satisfying read that brought warmth to my heart and put a smile on my face.  Simply wonderful!


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