Guardians of the Wind by Sean Michael

Torquere Press

Historical M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-458-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Two men from completely different walks of life struggle to find common ground aside from the love growing stronger by the day.

Surial is a gifted natural healer, an empath who prefers to forget he is also known as Lord Banshinaree.  Long ebony hair on a slim frame, Surial cannot eat meat or be near violence of any kind without becoming ill.  His polar opposite is Kadras or Kade, a giant of a man from the nomadic Naik tribe. Once a slave, Kade managed to survive brutal whippings until at last he was free.

Many adventures and a seemingly never ending journey bring love and commitment to Surial and Kade. But, their travels are not over, nor are their adventures as they continually struggle to balance their lives together.

Completely unique, Guardians of the Wind is a special story with sincere emotional depth and some very lusty lovemaking.  Guardians of the Wind canít be easily categorized Ė there is a lot going on with questions on taking revenge, the road less traveled, and the greater good.  The pacing is very slow and might put readers off but the tale takes itís time exploring certain moral dilemmaís when the two main characters arenít engaged in pounding hot sex.  Guardians of the Wind isnít for everyone but for those who want something different with depth as well as loving Ė this tale might be something to try!


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