Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips



ISBN:  9780061438561

Reviewed by Jambrea



Fleur Savagar has an image problem; she thinks she is ugly while the world says she is beautiful.  Forced into a life she never really wanted, Fleur becomes a top model.  Her mother is a movie star groupie and pushes Fleur into making a movie. Fleur loves her mother and will do anything to keep her happy.

Jake Koranda is a hot Hollywood actor and has doubts that the Glitter Baby can act. The script is his baby and doesnít want anything ruining it. After getting to know Fleur he sees there could be more behind the beautiful face.

A misunderstanding drives these two apart before they even begin. Can Fleur find herself and love at the same time? 

Glitter Baby shines bright. Susan Elizabeth Phillips knows how to write a captivating tale. She spins together a fairly tale ride that I didnít want to end. Glitter Baby reminds me a lot of another of Ms. Phillips stories, Fancy Pants. Both stories are so epic.

Fleur Savagar is a princess in disguise, brought up by a selfish mother who kept secrets from her. As the story progressed I felt proud of the woman Fleur becomes. Jake is such a hero in more ways than one and I loved to hate Fleurís mother and her part in the Jake and Fleur debacle.

Glitter Baby is a true coming of age story full of secrets, mistakes and heart break. Ms. Phillips has a true fan in me. I love what she can do with a story by bringing it to life and making me fall in love with the characters.


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