Ghost of a Chance by T.A. Chase


Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-898-3

Reviewed by Sabella



Padraig Monaghan has been dead for quite some time, not that he has gotten used to it after spending the last ten years roaming the earth.  Now, however, he finds himself in Boston on the eve of Saint Patrick’s Day and is moved by seeing a man killed.  But what is really disconcerting to Paddy is literally being “sucked” into the dying man’s body – weirder still is waking up inside this very real body.  Not being one to question his good fortune, Paddy heads over to the nearest bar where he, by chance, encounters the man he was in love with right before he died.  Will he dare take a chance and approach Gareth Reilly with his new found body?

Gareth Reilly has always regretted that he never got the chance to explore his feelings for Paddy before he was killed in a bar fight. That pining has colored every interaction he has had since, making all the men he comes across “not right”.  However, when a stranger approaches him in a bar, Gareth is helpless to the fight of his attraction and takes him home – something he never, ever does.  But what will he do when his “perfect” lover confesses to being his long dead love, Paddy?

Ghost of a Chance is a wonderfully touching story about getting a second chance at love and life.  Paddy has roamed the earth as a ghost, always regretting his lost chance to delve into the emotions he felt for Gareth. When he gets a second chance he doesn’t pass it up, even if it seems a little crazy.  Gareth is pure vulnerability in his yearning of lost love, but in the face of Paddy’s “coming to life” he is full of doubt.  That is until he gets a wakeup call that makes him believe in the impossible.  When these two men come together it is a beautiful thing to behold and T.A. Chase does an amazing job of bringing to life these two men and their passion for one another.  Ghost of a Chance is a great read for all those who enjoy romances that leave you sighing at the end of an impossible happy ending.


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