Flirting with Temptation by Kelly St. John

Grand Central Publishing


ISBN: 978044661923X

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



“The Love Doctor” is in the house. Okay. So maybe Babette Robinson isn’t really a doctor but she does enjoy setting up her friends.  She has opened a new matchmaking business and one of her clients happens to be high society gal Kitty Carelle.  Kitty needs help winning back the heart of her ex fiancé, Jeff Eubanks.  Babette can’t turn Kitty’s business down so she agrees to help Kitty win back Jeff’s heart even though he and Babette used to date.  That is Babette’s first mistake.

Babette’s second mistake is in agreeing to Jeff’s bet.  If Babette can forgo flirting with men on the beach for seven days, he will consider taking Kitty back and going along with their engagement.  Babette is shocked at the bet but agrees to it anyway.  After all, it is only for seven days, right?

I gut laughed out loud several times while reading this hilarious but sexy novel.  Flirting with Temptation is full of wise cracks, playfulness, and just an all around fun read.  Babette’s character is like a free spirit.  She goes where the notion takes her.  She is ungrounded and loves to change her mind – and her men – often.  Jeff and Babette’s relationship suffered because of this and while I am not anything like Babette, I loved her soul.  She walked to the beat of a different drummer – often times stumbling, but in the end she got it right.

For a fast, playful, comedic and lusty read, Flirting with Temptation is the book to read.  Kelley St. John has me hooked and I plan to go back and acquire her other novels to read.  She is just that good of an author!


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