Fates Magic by Brenna Lyons



ISBN: 978-1-60659-067-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Ondrea OíKen receives an invite from the elders to Fates Castle to attend a choosing.  Itís here on a very special night, through a series of tests, she will find her destined mate.  To her surprise, she is approached by two males from her childhood, Gabriel Starke and Kieran Medici.  Although she is drawn to Gabriel, her heartís desire is to acquire a mate through fates love magic.  Kieran is the last man she expects to approach her.

Kieran has discovered beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he and Ondrea are fated to be joined.  He must fight to win her and many obstacles block his progress. Kieran is from a family of healers prejudiced against the warrior OíKens, although Ondreaís gifts reside in plant healing.  In the past, he has hurt her with poison fed to him by his family while struggling to deny his longing for her.

In a world where Fate and Chaos collide, the possibilities are endless yet threatened by choice. 

Fates Magic sucked me into Ondrea and Kieranís world immediately.  The backdrop is fascinating, and the coupleís complexity is revealed through trials they face together.  Ondrea, Kieran and Gabriel reminded me of Romeo, Juliet and Paris all confronted by the inevitability of destiny.  I got a kick out of how Ondrea and Kieran handle their families, itís sweet and firm. 

Everyoneís role is succinct without limiting them to tradition, something Iíve come to relish in Brenna Lyonsí stories.  Thereís a sensual radiance in the writing that perfectly balances out the dark fantasy genre to mesmeric effect.  Every scene falls into place with deft precision and elastic creativity which compliments the narrative along with the thread of questions woven into the fabric of the story.  Just how much of our lives is fate?  And do we have the means to control our own destiny?  Thereís no fixed answer.  Ondrea and Kieran prove that no matter what is or isnít predetermined, weíre responsible for our choices.  Love is the ultimate magician.


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