Embracing Midnight by Devyn Quinn



ISBN: 9780758216540

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Working undercover at a Goth club, FBI agent Callie Whitten is trying her best to find Iollan Drake.  Iollan Drake is rumored to be responsible for the crime of human trafficking and the sale of young women.  Coming home late from her last shift, Callie stumbles on none other than Mr. Drake himself.  Vowing to not let him use his wiles against her, Callie does her best to remain stoic and unaffected by the sheer sexual power he exudes.  Her best, however, isn’t good enough because Callie finds herself looking forward to and yearning for the time she and Iollan spend together, both in and out of bed.  Craving him like no other, Callie finds herself willing to give up everything just to be with him.  Lucky for this FBI agent, Iollan feels the same way.

Devyn Quinn totally wrapped me around her little finger with Embracing Midnight. Holy Moly was this bad boy hot.  Iollan Drake – just his name gives me the shivers.  He was one hot vampire with a tender soul but sinfully delicious thoughts for Callie Whitten.  Their loves scenes burned holes in the pages of Embracing Midnight and made me sweat.  Devyn Quinn has the ability to bring her readers into the stories as if they are right there along with the characters and I love that about her style of writing.  Thumbs up on Embracing Midnight – I need my own Iollan Drake and I need him now.


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