Ecstasy by Jacquelyn Frank

Shadowdwellers, Book 1


Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 978-0-8217-8070-1

Reviewed by Nannette



Ashla Townsend is a human lost in the realm of Shadowscape. Trace is advisor to the Chancellors of the Shadowdwellers. As a Lost, Ashla should not be able to see Trace, but she can. Ashla knows something is wrong with the world around her, but she doesn’t know what or why. For some time now, she has just existed. There are those who wish to usurp the Shadowdwellers and would have succeeded in killing Trace if not for Ashla. Ashla is mysterious and fascinating to him. She calls to him like no other. Humans and dwellers do not cohabitate, though, so how is it that this small frail woman has made him feel things he thought he never would again? What does it mean for Trace and Ashla, and what of the future of the Shadowdwellers?

I finished Noah, the fourth and final book of the Nightwalker series, with a great deal of sadness, but then the Shadowdellers began! The Shadowdwellers and Nightwalkers mesh in Ecstacy, tying the series together. The realm the Shadowdwellers exist in is fascinating. A life filled with shadow and void of light creates ethereal imagery. Colors are muted and perceptions are altered. Before Trace and her introduction to the Shadowdwellers, Ashla was lonely and sad. She was horribly abused emotionally and physically and as a result of her mistreatment, she was left feeling inadequate and unworthy.  Ashla expects the worst from people and is, unfortunately, rarely disappointed in that regard. She has a hard time accepting Trace’s reverence for her. Trace is incredibly honorable and stoic. He is a warrior through and through, but it’s Ashla who saves him. Trace once abhorred a woman’s touch, but he now craves Ashla’s. Jacquelyn Frank is one of the best at world-building. Her attention to detail and her in-depth characterization are fantastic.  I could have done without the details of Trace’s intimacy training and would have liked to explore Ashla’s submissiveness more. While Ecstacy’s ending felt a bit rushed, I am hooked on the Shadowdwellers series and am very anxious for book two.  


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