Dominic by Elizabeth Amber

The Lords of Satyr, Book 4



ISBN: 978-0758225818

Reviewed by Amelia




Emma was twelve when she came to live on the Satyr estate with her sister Jane, and Jane’s husband, Nicholas. Now twenty-seven she is married to Carlo, who spends much of his time in ElseWorld fighting the raging war. When he visits her one Calling Night, and leaves her with child, she’s not exactly thrilled, since she’s been trying to avoid that situation all together. But she is prepared to be a dutiful wife.

Dominic is a full-blooded Satyr, a Chosen One. When the birth of a new Chosen One draws near he is called into service to help bring his successor into the world.  When he first meets Emma he knows it’s just for the Calling, and to help give her child skills as the next Chosen One. But when Carlo can’t handle the event and runs, Dominic stays to help Emma birth her child, a girl named Rose. When Carlo dies, Dominic knows he has to have Emma in his life, forever.

There are a few things that stand in their way, however, like the demons Dominic constantly battles and captures, and the fact that Emma doesn’t want him for her new husband. Or does she?

“Dominic” is a wonderful return to the world of the Satyrs. I absolutely fell in love with Dominic, the tortured hero who thinks he is destined to live his life alone. Watching him and Emma together warmed my heart, and made my insides twitter. I enjoyed the fact that Emma was willing to take charge of her own life in a time when women were expected to blindly follow the will of their families. Her strength made her the perfect compliment to Dominic, and made this story very satisfying.



Vincent Satyr is the oldest son of Nicholas and Jane. A lawyer, he is working hard on the treaty to broker peace in the long war on ElseWorld. When he summons his favorite Shimmerskin one night he doesn’t expect her to stick around the next morning, and to stay permanently. Vincent enlists the help of his brothers, and vineyard caretaker Landon to help him unravel the mystery and keep watch on Cara while he attends negotiations for the war treaty.

Cara doesn’t exactly know what is happening. As a Shimmerskin she is called to meet the carnal needs of the Satyr male. When she stays instead of disappearing she is thrilled with her new home, until two unknown men remind her she has a “purpose.” She just has to figure out what it is. When she discovers it, though, she is less than thrilled with her new life.

“Vincent” is an interesting look at the oldest son of Nicholas and Jane, featured in the first book of the Satyr series. Seeing the child born in the first book as a man was interesting for me. Cara is a fascinating character, and I would have liked the opportunity to learn more about her than this short story allowed. This tale also left me with questions. I would have liked to know more about Landon, who features heavily in the story, yet feels strangely undeveloped to me.

Although I liked the concept, I would have liked to have it flushed out a bit, giving me more time with what turned into a trio, with Vincent, Cara and Landon.

For fans of the Lords of Satyr, Dominic is a fun visit to the world created by Ms. Amber. These stories feature love, danger and a great deal of hot, erotic sex that will keep the reader enthralled. Ms. Amber has created a lush world that is the perfect setting for her characters to romp and play, and for readers to lose themselves in.

If you have not tried this series start with the first book and work your way through. If you love the paranormal, and new, interesting worlds that feature exotic customs and a different way of life you will love the Lords of Satyr, as I do.


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