Damned, Delicious and Dangerous by Delilah Devlin, Lisa Renee Jones, Megan Kerans


Erotic anthology

ISBN: 0-7582-2550-4

Reviewed by Amelia



“The Demon Lord’s Cloak” by Delilah Devlin

Voletta is traveling through the forest one day when she loses a fur that is very important to her. She stops at the local tavern to see if anyone found it and soon finds herself bound and delivered to a strange residence.

For a thousand years, the village people have been providing Damien with brides. None of them, however, have intrigued him the way Voletta does. He feels an instant bond and hopes she does too.

But neither Voletta nor Damien are human. Will the love that develops change them forever?

I enjoy tales of tortured heroes, and “The Demon Lord’s Cloak” fits the bill. I enjoyed watching these two characters get to know each other, and had fun discovering their secrets along side them. “The Demon Lord’s Cloak” is an interesting start to this anthology.


“Night Sins” by Lisa Renee Jones

Ethan, a vampire, knows the Blood Brothers are behind the recent killings of young women in Las Vegas. Finding the evil vamps to put an end to it is a different story, however.

Kayla, a Watcher, knows that vamps are off limits, but when she comes to Ethan’s lair to discuss the killings she’s as attracted to the vampire as she’s always been.

They’re both searching for the killer, in a different way, and when their paths cross again it turns into a life or death situation, tossed with a great deal of desire.

“Night Sins” is a hot, tasty tale of a forbidden love. Both Ethan and Kayla know they cannot be together, but neither of them can resist the other. That little tidbit made for some electrifying reading that inspires goose bumps. This story is a great addition to this anthology.


“The Devil’s Paradise” by Megan Kerans

Justice Malloy is searching for a venue for a wedding reception when she comes across The Last Resort. When she arrives it’s obvious some sort of party is going on. Even though she doesn’t have an invitation the doorman lets her in.

Dash Wilde is a devil. He gave up his immortal soul and now he’s doomed to run The Last Resort, a place where wantons and the damned meet for sex. Can Justice’s love save his immortal soul?

“The Devil’s Paradise” has an interesting premise, but I couldn’t make a connection between Dash and Justice. A little more buildup in tension between the two of them before things turned sexual would have increased my enjoyment, I think.

Damned, Delicious and Dangerous is an interesting collection of paranormal tales.  Readers who like their sex hot, and their men immortal will enjoy this anthology.


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