Conquered by Layne Blacque

Sensual Mastery Series, Book Two


Fantasy, BDSM, M/M, F/F

ISBN: 978-1-906328-65-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



As warrior queen of the small principality, Cedoniy, Kianaís entire life is surrounded by a cloud of rumor, speculation and legend; even her sex life is under scrutiny.  So when commoner Richard breaks into the palace, he expects to find a dominate man-eater not the playful amused woman that invites him in to teach him a lesson. Richard is not submissive and sets out to prove that even a queen can become enslaved to the right manís touch.

Kiana and Richard are lively and intense as they engage in love play that stretches the boundaries on both sides.  The language used to describe their encounter is lush.  Layne Blacqueís vivid concise writing style is an asset in Conquered.  Yet, there was something missing for me in this story.  It could be that I simply didnít see why Kiana should submit to Richard just because heís a good-looking Alpha.  He hadnít done anything to earn her trust and her submission.  There wasnít a foundation solid enough for her to be so open.   I wanted her to turn the tables on him because some his actions didnít make me like him. This isnít to say that the story wasnít worth reading.  Ms. Blacque knows her stuff; I think some readers will be thrilled by this titillating tale.


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