Bride of the Wolf by Jennifer St. Giles

Shadowmen Series, Book 4



ISBN: 9781416563419

Reviewed by Niki Lee



In this fourth installment of the Shadowmen series, Jennifer St. Giles continues with the story left off in Kiss Of Darkness.  Marissa Vasquez has been kidnapped by Herrera, a sadistic vampire intent on wedding Marissa and taking control of her shares of her dead uncle’s company.  Marissa manages to escape during her wedding and rescue her presumed-dead brother and Navarre, a handsome blinded warrior whose soul Marissa craves.  As her friends attempt to rescue her and Navarre, they discover more about the war with the Vladarians and the plans of evil creatures bent on taking over the world.

I haven’t read the previous three novels and I sorely wished I had.  This is not a stand alone novel, which I think fans of the series will appreciate.  No time is wasted in updating the reader on things they should know from the previous books, as every word is placed to move the story forward.  The plot is complicated, peopled with characters from the earlier books and setting things up for the next ones.

But even without having read the other books, I still enjoyed Bride of the Wolf.  The tale of Marissa and Navarre’s love is touching.  The details of the torture inflicted by the many sadistic vampires in the book are blunt without getting gratuitous.  But handled with even more grace is how the victims of that torture deal with the physical and emotional repercussions.  I would love to go back and read the other books and I will keep an eye out for the next ones.  I can’t wait to see how Ms. St. Giles wraps up such an intriguing story.


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